Aha Moku Councils

Through the combined efforts of kupuna and Native Hawaiian resource practitioners of the 43 moku in the State of Hawai’i, the Aha Kiole Advisory Committee restored the Aha Moku System of land and ocean resource management. Dating back to the 9th Century and handed down through oral history and generational knowledge, the Aha Moku System was proven to sustain the natural ecosystem and environment of Hawai’i. It is a site-specific and resource based methodology that balances land and ocean resources needed to sustain healthy thriving communities. The Aha Moku System uses a foundation based on Native Hawaiian generational knowledge that ensures a community consultation process focused on the health and welfare of natural and cultural resources in Hawai’i.



Aha Moku Bills introduced in the 2012 Legislature

  •   ACT288 -Native Hawaiians, Aha Moku Advisory Committee
  •   CCR144 – Committee Report
  •   HB 2806-CD1 – Native Hawaiians, Aha Moku Advisory Committee
  •   SB 3053 – Native Hawaiians; Aha Moku Advisory Committee


Aha Kiole Reports

Aha Moku Documents:

Aha Kiole ArchiveClick here

  • Proposed ‘Aha Moku System of Natural Resouce Management
    • Watch a Powerpoint presentation about the Aha Moku system