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The Aha Moku System

For more than 10 centuries, the Hawaiian system of natural resource management has been handed down in oral tradition and practice. It is based on the concept of `ahupua`a, the traditional land and ocean tenure system of Hawaii.  There are five elements in the system of best practices for traditional management of Hawaii’s natural and cultural resources:

                         Aha Kiole Advisory Committee:
Pursuant to ACT 212, the Aha Kiole Advisory Committee was established. (ACT 212-Relating to Native Hawaiians).

                       Aha Moku Advisory Committee:
Pursuant to Act 288, the Aha Moku Advisory Committee was confirmed on February 6, 2013. (ACT 288– Relating to Native Hawaiians)


  • Charles YoungHawai’i 
  • Robert Lu’uwaiMaui 
  • Walter RawlinsMoloka’i  
  • Winnie Basques, Lana’i 
  • Manuel Kulolo’io, Kaho’olawe 
  • Rocky KaluhiwaO’ahu 
  • Keith Robinson, Ni’ihau